Estimating the Cost of your T Shirt Printing Machine

How much does a T-shirt printing machine cost? That is a question many would love to know, but most of them never bother to figure out. The reason for this is that they are afraid to invest in such a costly piece of equipment because of the high risk associated with it. Here is how you can figure out how much your T shirt printing machine costs and maybe help others do the same.

First of all, let us look at the manufacturers who make T-shirt printers. There are quite a few in the market and you will find that the most expensive is the NEXO T shirt printer. The NEXO is manufactured by the Philips NEXO Company out of the USA. When talking about prices of printers, the cheapest ones are usually those manufactured and sold by someone out of the country. However, we can also find printers made by popular companies out of the country like Nippon, Hewlett Packard, Epson and so on.

You might be asking yourself “So how do they come up with such prices?” The answer to that is simple. The T-shirt manufacturing machine is used to produce thousands of T shirts and each one has to be precisely done in such a way that it can attract a customer and a promoter and that is what gives these companies their attractive prices. So let us look at how much a T-shirt printing machine cost.

The NEXO t-shirt printer costs around $400. If you take into account the number of units you need to produce and the number of prints needed it comes out to an average cost per unit of around $0.40. The company that makes the printer, the parts and so on have to charge something towards this figure which comes out to about ten dollars per printer. That is a very cost effective T-shirt printing machine price. It will not break the bank.

The next part is the quality of the printer. As far as this T-shirt printing machine price is concerned, it does not matter much because the quality is not important. A printer like the NEXO would be good enough. But the thing to consider here is the cost per print. A printer like the NEXO has the advantage of being able to produce thousands of prints at a low cost.

The final factor we will discuss here is the durability of the machine. An inkjet printer like the NEXO costs a lot more than the nexo which costs less than one hundred dollars. But durability matters here as well. If you want to invest a large amount in your T-shirt printing business, you will have to choose the better T shirt printing machine price.

The above factors are all important when investing a large amount in a business. And that is what we will discuss now. You will have to keep in mind that it is always better to purchase a durable machine for a low price. It will not only help you in the long run, it will also prevent you from spending unnecessary amounts of money. And that is always a good thing to do.

When you are going to invest in a T-shirt printing machine, you will also have to take into consideration the extra accessories that come with it. For example, the cartridges may cost you a good deal. If you are not going to use them frequently, you can go in for a generic cartridge. On the other hand, if you will be using the cartridges on a regular basis, it would be advisable to purchase a branded one. This will give you better quality and your customers will appreciate the fact. All these extra accessories can actually raise the price of your T-shirt printer, so you need to know exactly how much they will cost you before purchasing one.